Share The Benefit

Share the Benefit


Inspired by Anglicare’s gospel-focused vision to care in Jesus’ name, Share the Benefit provides church congregations and small groups with the opportunity to share what the Bible has to say about reaching out to our neighbours in need.

In addition, by living for one week on a Newstart benefit allowance for food and drink, participants can share in a small but powerful way the restrictions experienced by many people living in poverty.

Share the Benefit is designed to be done by small groups over a three-week period. Each week consists of Bible study, prayer and discussion within your group combined with preparation, reflection and activity in your own time.

The emphasis throughout is on how Christian faith inspires us to live a life of care and generosity in response to God’s great love for us.


How long does Share the Benefit go for?
Share the Benefit is a three-week experience – with a little preparation needed before you start.
What preparation do I need to do?
Prior to the first Bible study you’ll need to keep a food and drink diary for a typical week and work out your normal weekly food budget.
Can we do Share the Benefit as a family?
You can participate as an individual or a family unit.
How do I work out my Newstart benefit allowance for food and drink?
You can calculate the amount for a person or family in your situation here
Is there a cost to participate?
No. A Participant Booklet will be provided free of charge for each group member on request.
Is Share the Benefit a fundraising activity?
Partly. While the main focus is on Bible study, reflection and prayer, we encourage participants to support Anglicare’s work financially by donating the difference between their usual weekly food spend and what they spend during the week of living on a Newstart allowance. There’s a donation form in the Participant Booklet or you can donate here.
How can our church respond to need in the local community?
Anglicare can help you identify ways to strengthen your own ministries in this area. Please contact us at


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